My passion for photography started in middle school, and it has been burning in my soul ever since. I’ve photographed everything from weddings to family portraits to children and babies. But hands down my most favorite people to photograph are high school seniors. I recognize what a milestone senior year is and nothing makes me happier than spending time with a senior, getting to know them and then seeing their authentic self come to life in front of my camera lens. My goal is to capture every senior in the way they want to be seen so that they, in turn, can share that with the rest of the world.


Like snowflakes, every senior is different and so I enter into every session with a fresh perspective in how I shoot. I love the challenge that comes from this collaborative approach and it inspires me to be creative and artistic every time I pick up my camera. I strive always to stay at the forward edge of the ever changing worlds of fashion and photography so that I can incorporate that seamlessly into my photographs.


I’ve been in business for over 20 years and know all the technical aspects of photography inside and out. Last year, I received my Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation.  For my senior clients, this means I can pour all of my energies into creating a fun, carefree and memorable experience without anyone having to worry if the photos will turn out. They will. When I’m behind the camera, you can rest assured that the photos will look as amazing as it felt to be photographed. For parents this means that you’ll have the pleasure of owning a series of exquisite portraits that mark this fleeting time in your child’s life.


And so to all you seniors out there reading this, as you embark on whatever great adventure this big wide world has in store for you, here’s some advice:


Reach high!



But before you do, let me photograph you!




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