What is it like to be photographed by you? How does it work?


Here’s a step-by-step guide explaining what you can expect from your photo session.


  1. Before you even come in for your session, we’ll have a pre-session consultation (either in person at our studio or on the phone) and we can plan out our time together based on your ideas and your creative vision. Be prepared for us to not only transform that vision into reality, but also take it to the next level so your session goes from ordinary to extraordinary! Not sure what exactly you’re looking for? Don’t worry…we can help you define that. At the consultation, we’ll discuss best clothing choices, how to prepare for your session and what to expect when you arrive.
  2. On the day of your session, we’ll meet either on location or in-studio and you’ll get to just relax and have fun. If you’ve opted for your make up to be done, please allow for an extra hour for the make up artist to get everything just right. The amount of time we will spend together on the shoot itself varies and will be based on the package that you’ve chosen, but we will never end the session until we know we’ve got a collection of fabulous shots.
  3. About a week after the session takes place, we will upload your photos to an online gallery. From there you can choose your favorite 10, 15 or 20 images (depending on the package you purchased) that will be yours to keep. We will take the time to retouch and put the finishing touches on your chosen images and will supply them to you on via Dropbox or a thumb drive.
  4. If you know you’d like more than just a set of digital files, you can return to our studio for your viewing and ordering appointment.  We’ll sit down and review all the images from your session.  Here you’ll have a chance to order your custom collection of products - whether it’s wall art, albums, boutique keepsakes, framed canvases and/or additional digital files.
  5. And as a special gift, you will be given access to a Custom Mobile App that can be installed on your smart phone. You will have unlimited access to view and share your selected favorites from our exclusive app!


My parents and I want different styles of photographs. Do I need to pay for two sessions?

No. We will typically start with shooting a set of traditional portraits just to get you warmed up and comfortable in front of the camera. This is a look that always pleases the parents. And then, we’ll begin working on our brainstormed ideas that we came up with at our consultation. There are no additional costs for these two separate looks.


What if the weather is bad and we’ve planned for the photos to be taken outdoors?

“Bad Weather” to us means a continuous downpour of rain and if that’s the case, we will most definitely reschedule your session for a sunnier day. By the way, overcast skies is the most ideal weather to be photographed in because it provides beautiful even lighting for all skin tones.


I don’t like posed photographs. Can you photograph me without posing me?

We hear this all the time and we can relate. But don’t over think this part of your session. We’ve all had bad experiences with being posed for a quick snapshot, but we guarantee that when you are photographed by us, it won’t even feel like you’re being ‘posed’.


Can I bring my friends with me to the shoot? Can they be in some of the photos too?

Friends make everything more fun so feel free to bring them along. However, our policy is that we photograph you one on one to create the best photos possible.  Your friend can help you get ready to make sure you look like your best self and they’re more than welcome to hop into a few photos together. But when it comes time for the session to start in earnest, we ask that they step away from the session until it ends.


Do you offer professional hair and make up?

We have a professional make up artist that we adore who charges between $95-$125 per session. Our make up artist goes as natural or as dramatic as you prefer, all the while making you look and feel stunning. For hair, we’ve found it most successful if you arrive at the session with your hair already done. If you don’t already have a hair stylist that you love, let us know and we can point you in the right direction.


How many outfits can I wear and do you have any clothing tips for me?

The number of outfits that you can wear depends on the package you choose. Please see our package prices which outlines the outfit changes for each package.


Why should I hire you over any other photographer?

It might seem easier and more fun to have your friends take Instagram style photos of you and I encourage all my clients to have their friends photograph them for fun. But remember you will never again be who you are today at this pivotal point in time.  Professional portraits by a photographer who knows how to control the lighting and posing will withstand the test of time in a way amateur photographs simply cannot.  Our portrait sessions will realize your creative vision and our photographs will allow your authentic self to shine through.



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